Our Design Process

KITCHEN AND ADDITION - resized 72dpiOur goal is to exceed your expectations, while at the same time giving you a pleasant remodeling experience.  The Enerjac Design Team is highly skilled at transforming your dreams into reality.

Our Team is committed to guiding you through a process that will result in realistic expectations.  We do this within your budget enabling you to make informed design decisions thus making the remodeling experience more pleasant for you.


Phase 1: Design Feasibility Development Process

Creating a new living space for your home should be an exciting experience and the result of a design partnership with you!  Our goal is to deliver high quality design-oriented work that makes a bold statement about your personal taste and lifestyle.

  • Explore Ideas
  • Needs Assessment / Client Expectations
  • Scope of Work
  • Establish Budgetary Parameters and Financing Options
  • Time Lines

Phase 2: Project Development Process (Design Retainer)

Once we have determined we are on the right track with the feasibility study, we move to Phase 2 – the Project Development Process of your project.  It is during this process that detailed concept drawings showing structural components, details and elevations are defined.

  • Retainer
  • Comprehensive Site Evaluation
  • Site Measure and Check List
  • As Built Plan Development and Study
  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Engineering for Project
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design

Phase 3: Preconstruction Process

Once you have approved the concept drawings, Enerjac will meet with our Production Team and Suppliers in your home to provide you with the most accurate pricing on your project.

  • Determine budget
  • Final Engineering
  • Develop comprehensive project specifications
  • Presentation of project construction agreement

Phase 4: Construction Process

Following the signing of construction documents Enerjac will complete and provide you with final working drawings of your project.  We will then have a pre-construction meeting with you and our Production Team to carefully work through the details of beginning your construction project.  You remain a vital part of our Team as all Participants are notified with a start of work notice and products are ordered.  We will continue to consult with you throughout the construction phase and oversee any necessary adjustments to the project design or product selections.

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