Making the decision to remodel your kitchen is not something to rush into without a good plan.  At Enerjac, creating a good plan is one of our specialties.  Each step of our process let’s you, as the homeowner, know what to expect so you’re able to plan and count on deadlines.  Creating the beautiful and functional kitchen you desire is a phone call away.  Contact us for your free initial consultation and begin the journey to a new kitchen today.

Read about one of our recent client success stories below.

beforeLove the location, didn’t love the kitchen/dining area.

Our homeowners love their location however their home felt very compartmentalized and because of that, the living room and dining area were rarely used.

A complete kitchen makeover consisted of eliminating the wall between the existing dining room and kitchen as well as creating a wide cased opening between the existing living room and kitchen which helped to transform this once compartmentalized living area into a more open easy flowing space that visually and functionally connect the living room (new sitting room) with the new kitchen and dining area as well as with the family room/entertainment center. Hardwood floors throughout tie the three areas together.

Casey and Cheryl wanted the new kitchen to be open and to make a statement. The multifunctional island is the heart of this gourmet kitchen. It is large enough for guests to comfortably gather around and for casual family meals. Focal points complimenting the cherry cabinetry are the antique white hutch and island with contrasting granite.  Granite countertops and state of the art stainless appliances beautifully compliment the new cherry cabinetry and new hardwood floors. A wine rack facing the dining area along with a message center lends lifestyle functionality to the kitchen.  They wanted the project to be designed in such a way as to lend itself to be used very comfortably for intimate family gatherings as well as entertaining. Elements of the design provide a visual cohesiveness and add a more open feeling to this home. Lighting has been designed for both function and ambience complimenting the room and its use, with the utilization of recessed, special and indirect lighting. The Homeowners’ decorating and accessorizing creates a warm and cozy setting.  This transformation has created a treasured refuge for this family.

What are your dreams and desires? Does something in your personal lifestyle cry out for attention demanding a redefined gathering space or customized transformation of your existing home into the home you have always dreamed of? We would love to assist you in bringing your dreams to life!  Your dreams deserve professional attention!


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