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Our Process

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New - Virtual Home Visit
Home Visit
The first step in the process is an in-home visit that informs our team as they work with you to conceptualize the best remodeling options for your space.

At the initial meeting you’ll also have a chance to ask more questions about the benefits and challenges of some ideas you might already be considering.  We’ll also discuss the general project and budget estimates as well.
Conceptual Design
Step two in the process is signing a design-retainer agreement to proceed with creation of drawings and 3D renderings for your project. Once the design is completed we will then provide you a detailed outline of the proposed scope of work.
Design - Creativity
Step three after signing the design-retainer agreement, is to schedule a time to come out and take measurements of your existing home’s floorplan and input it into our CAD software.

Upon completion of the inputted measurements into CAD we can then change the space into different configurations until we find the optimal layout for your home. All this before a single hammer or saw has been brought out to the project site.
Budget - Scope of Work and Specifications
Step four after completing the conceptual design is putting together a realistic budget for the project based on that design. Upon completion and review of the design and pre-construction walk through, our estimating team will then put together a detailed scope of work for the project along with a detailed specification for each phase of the project that will be involved which helps in eliminating many possible hidden costs.
Build Contract
Step five of the process, once completed with the budget, scope of work and specifications is to then sign a Build Agreement which allows our team to schedule your project. This helps ensure that it’s completed in a timely manner eliminating surprises or possible delays in getting your project completed.

Refinement - Material Choices
Step six of the process once the Build Contract is initiated, begins the final selections process, such as flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, paint etc.​
​Building Dreams
Step seven once completed with refining your material choices, construction begins. As we move forward building the project, the project manager keeps you informed and will answer any questions you might have as your space is transformed from concept to reality. The work on your home is handled by experts in the remodeling industry which allows us to finish certain phases in less time but most importantly allows us to pay more attention to detail.